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How do I become a Verishop Stylist?

First you fill out this form! Once you submit the form, someone from the Stylist Experience team will reach out to you to complete enrollment. During this process, you will also have the option to get a Verishop spending card, which we’ll share more about soon.

I’m a Stylist — how do I place my first order?

Welcome to the program! Placing an order is easy. First, create an account on the Verishop app or website, using the email address we have on file. Then shop on our website as normal! You can use either your card, the Verishop spending card, or your clients’ card to make the purchase(s) and ship it to yourself or your client directly; whatever you choose! 

Once you receive your order number, send an email letting us know you placed an order, so we can keep track of your commission. You can also just forward the order confirmation email to anyone on the Stylist Experience team.

Do you offer consignment?

No, Verishop does not offer consignment. We are a marketplace. We do, however, offer a Verishop spending card, so you can shop for your clients with no money down.

What is a Verishop spending card?

The Verishop spending card or V-Stylist card, is a card specifically for our Stylists to use on the Verishop website and app. (This is taking the place of a consignment system for our Stylists!) No money upfront, you just use the card to shop for your clients. By the time the 30 day billing cycle ends, returns should be made and you pay the difference. It’s a seamless process!

How does billing work for the spending card?

We bill all Stylists on the 15th of each month. So any orders placed on the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of the current month will be billed on the 15th. If the returns are not received before the 15th, the full amount will be billed. Once we receive the returns, we will credit you the difference for the order on the next billing cycle. For an example please reference the chart below.


Order Placed &

Return Processed

Mar 15th

Feb 15th - Mar 14th

April 15th

Mar 15th - Apr 14th

May 15th

Apr 15th - May 14th

How do I receive my commission?

30 days after orders are placed & returns are made, we will pay out your commission. We can do this directly to your bank account or through PayPal. We offer 15% commission for all client orders. Orders $700+, where your client keeps 80% or more of the order, will earn 18% commission. 

Are there other ways to earn commission?

Yes! You can earn commission without even shopping. You can publish a style edit using our Collections feature. For example, “Office Chic” or “Spring Dresses”, and you share the link on all your social media platforms. Anyone who buys an item from that link (within 30 days) will earn you 15% commission! Learn how to create Collections here!  

We also offer a special feature in our app called Shop Party which is your virtual styling solution. You can shop with a client or group of people, live! You can give opinions on possible purchases, see what’s in your participant's bag, and earn commission from the sales generated from that session. Learn how to host a Shop Party here!

How do returns work?

Returns are easy and always free! Simply scroll to the bottom of our website, and choose the “Returns & Exchanges” link. Returns are due within 30 days of placing the order. You or your client will enter the order number and shipping zip code and generate a prepaid shipping label(s). Please note: Stylist orders are not eligible for store credit, so please do not select this option when returning. Once we’ve received your return package, we’ll refund the original form of payment. 

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