What is your "Buy More, Save More" return policy?

All of our spend and save promotions have a minimum spend, which you'll be able to view in Verishop’s Terms of Services. This minimum spend must be met for the promotion to apply.

If you place an order within a spend and save promotion, and then return an item from your order that brings the cost of your order under the minimum spend, then the terms of the promotion have no longer been met. This may mean that the amount you're refunded for the returned item is adjusted, or that no refund will be given.

An example of how a refund may be adjusted is below:

Code - $20 off a minimum $100 spend

Order total - $110

Returned item - $30

As the return brings the total spend under the minimum spend of $100, the refund will be adjusted to reflect this and the discount of $20 removed. This would mean a refund of $10 would be issued. 

If you've received an email saying one or more of your items are out of stock, this may affect the refund you get back under a spend and save promotion. If your item appears to be in stock at the time of placing your order, there is a chance that it could become unavailable by the time we process your order for packing.

As long as the minimum spend is met, your order is still eligible for the promotion.

The refund amount you'll get will be outlined on the e-mail we send to you.

Any purchases made between Nov. 21, 2019 and Dec. 31, 2019 must be returned by Jan. 31, 2020.

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