What is Verishop?

Verishop is a social shopping platform where people can discover unique things they will love from the world’s independent brands and creators. Via customized app experience, we bring shoppers, brands, and creators together to make shopping joyful again. Shop from content creators’ and brands’ latest posts; watch Livestream Shopping for styling tips and beauty demos, and chat with streamers in real-time; hang out and video shop with friends; share your styles with the community – all with the convenience of Free Shipping, Free Returns, and 24/7 Customer Care. 


Discover unique selections

As one of the largest aggregators for direct-to-consumer (DT) & independent brands, we house a unique selection of emerging brands.

Shop in a way you can be inspired

We bring you an easy way to shop with browse and search as well as new ways to shop with personalized content feeds, Livestream Shopping and private Shop Party on the app.

Connect with what you love

We’re here to help you connect with your community and engage with like-minded brands, content creators, and followers.


We’re here for you with Free Shipping over $35, Free Returns, Best Price Guaranteed, and exceptional 24/7 Customer Service.

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