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What Is Livestream Shopping?

It's your new way to discover, learn and shop!

  • Watch the latest trends, and get styling and beauty tips from experts, stylists, celebrities and more.

  • Chat with streamers, and ask them questions in real time. Whenever you’re ready, easily check out with exclusive offers in one place.

  • Join Livestream on the Verishop app, where we go live every day, almost every hour, from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. PT.


Livestream Shopping Frequently Asked Questions


Is Livestream Shopping available on the Verishop website?

No, Livestream Shopping is currently available on the Verishop app in iOS only. Be sure to download the app in the App Store and create an account in order to join.


Do I need to register for an account in Verishop to participate in Livestream Shopping? 

Yes, you will need to sign up for an account in the Verishop app in order to join a livestream. 


Where can I find Livestream Shopping on the app?

First, download the latest version of the app from the App Store. Tap on the “Live” camera icon living in the middle of navigation. Be sure you’re on the Livestream Shopping section and not Shop Party.

How do I watch a Livestream?

  • Under the “For You” section in the app, tap the LIVE to join the event. Once the Streamer who created the event joins, then your Livestream Shopping will begin.
  • You can also save upcoming Livestreams to Your Watchlist. In the “For You” and “Upcoming” sections, simply tap on the plus sign, “+,” and the Livestream will automatically save in Your Watchlist.
  • We’ll send you notification reminders before the events. (You can also add them to your calendar so you’ll never miss a thing.)

How old do I have to be to join a Livestream?

You must be at least 16 to use the services. In accordance with our Community Guidelines, all content and products should be age-appropriate.


How do I create a Livestream? 

Currently, all Livestreams are pre-scheduled. Apply now if you’re interested in being considered as a Content Creator or Brand Partner.


How do I invite others to join the Livestream?

On the livestream post, tap the Invite icon that looks like an arrow. Tap on the Share to directly send a link (via text, email, Instagram or Facebook) to your friends who are iOS users. Android is coming soon.


How long do I have to shop in the livestream?

Livestream Shopping events range from 30 minutes to two hours. During that time, you can ask questions via chat and shop during the event. Everyone has 30 minutes to check out after it ends with the livestream deals.


How do I redeem the livestream-only offers? Your Livestream Shopping deal(s) will be automatically applied and appear like a discount code or gift card at checkout.


If I purchase an item that's already on sale, can I use the livestream offers in addition to the sale price? Yes, the Livestream Shopping offers are combinable with other offers or promotions.  


Can I add additional items to my cart after the Livestream ends?

You can add other items outside of the Streamer’s collection to your cart to purchase at the same time. However, the discounts offered during the Livestream will not be applied to these other items.


Does everyone in the Livestream need to buy an item for me to get the discount?

Nope! The Livestream offers are available during and 30 minutes after the Livestream's scheduled end time.


What brands are excluded from the discount?

Livestream offers are converted to credits, making them applicable to all brands and products. See “Livestream Shopping” listed in the Terms of Service.


Why can’t I screen share during the Livestream?

Only the primary Streamer (a.k.a. the host) can share their screen during the event.


How can I engage in the Livestream?

Ask questions, share your reactions and say what you’re thinking through the chat feature of the Livestream. 

  • Type in the comment feature to chat with the Streamer and Co-Streamer, get your questions answered, and say what you’re liking.
  • Tap on the heart icon to choose from a variety of reactions. Pick whichever reaction you’re feeling to share with the group.
  • Only the Streamer and Co-Streamer can broadcast their video and enable their sound. To create an immersive experience, you won’t be able to turn on your camera and microphone to directly speak to the Streamer during the Livestream.

How do I make a purchase?

As the Streamer shares their screen, you can tap Add to Bag or Buy Now on the app. Add to Bag will save the product to your cart. “Buy Now” opens Apple Pay to purchase the item immediately. You can also tap on the product image at any point and add the item to your cart from the product landing page.


Will other guests in the livestream view items in my bag?

No, you will not be able to see others’ nor share your bags with others. 


How do I leave and rejoin the livestream?

To leave, tap the X icon in the top left corner. To rejoin the event, tap on the Live video icon living in the middle of navigation. Be sure you’re on the Livestream Shopping section. If the event is still live, it will be one of the first videos in the For You section with the blue LIVE icon. Tap the livestream when you’re ready to return to the event.


What do I do if I get removed from a livestream event?

The Streamer leading the livestream has the ability to remove anyone who does not adhere to our Community Guidelines. If you were removed from the livestream, then you will receive a notification and are unable to enter the same event.


If I’m removed from a livestream event, can I still use the deals?

Yes, if you have previously added items to your cart from the Streamer's collection, then you have 30 minutes after the livestream’s scheduled end time to check out with the offers.


How can I view previous livestreams?

In the Live section, scroll through past livestreams to rewatch your favorite moments in Past Livestreams. You can also watch previous video reviews of those you follow on their profiles.


How do I report a livestream?

If a Streamer, Co-Streamer or other guests are not following our Community Guidelines, then go to the person’s profile. Tap the “...” icon in the top right corner, and tap the menu. Choose "Report." Select the reason why you're reporting this post. Don't worry – we won't let them know it came from you. Our team will evaluate if the content or profile should be removed.


Got questions? Our experts are available 24/7 – just for you. Email us at, or give us a ring or text at (888) 364-5828.


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