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The Verishop app is a social shopping platform where you can find your favorite and emerging brands across women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, makeup, skincare, home decor, and more. Discover new products through a personalized, shoppable feed – from how-to's and style tips to recipes and editorial images.


Come hang out, sell and shop with your friends on Shop Party, a virtual social shopping event through video chat. You can join the Verishop community, and create a profile to share your ideas by uploading photos and videos, tagging products, saving and sharing curated collections, and following your favorite people and brands. Check out with free shipping over $35, free returns, 24/7 customer care, and the best price guarantee.




Where can I find Shop Party on the app? First, download the latest version of the app from the App store. Look for the blue party icon living on the bottom right of your Home Feed (first tab) and your Profile (last tab). Tap on the party icon to create your Shop Party.


How do I create a Shop Party? 

To access Shop Party, tap the blue party icon living on the bottom right of your Home Feed (first tab) and your Profile (last tab).

  1. Tap the Create button to first create your event.
  2. Fill out the Shop Party Details for your theme, date, time duration, event info and Verishop Collections. 
  3. Tap Create at the bottom of the event page once you’re done. 
  4. On the Shop Party event page, tap the Invite icon to send the link to your friends to join the party.


How do I invite others to join my Shop Party?

In your upcoming event, tap the Invite icon that looks like an envelope. Tap on Share Invite Link to send a message to your friends who are iOS users. Android is coming soon.


How many people can I invite to my Shop Party?

A total of five people can join a Shop Party at the same time. This includes you (a.k.a. the host) plus up to four invitees.


How long do I have to shop in the Shop Party?

Shop Parties range from 30 minutes to two hours. During that time, you can hang out and shop during the event. Everyone has 30 minutes to check out after it ends with the promo code.


How do I redeem the discount code?

The Shop Party promo code will be automatically applied at checkout, as long as at least two people attend the event.


If I purchase an item that's already on sale, can I use the discount code in addition to the sale price?

No, the Shop Party promo code is not combinable with other offers or promotions. 


Can I add additional items to my cart after the Shop Party ends?

To receive the Shop Party discount, you have 30 minutes after the Shop Party's scheduled end time to add items to your cart and check out.


Does everyone in the Shop party need to buy an item for me to get the discount?

Nope! The promo code is available once two people enter the Shop Party.


What brands are excluded from the discount?

Promotions and discounts are not applicable for all products in the Electronics and Personal Care categories, The Outdoor Shop, Verified Shops and the following brands listed in Promotions Exclusions” in the Terms of Service.


Can I turn off screen share in Shop Party?

Yes, to turn off screen share, tap on the camera icon, and only your profile image will be visible to the other guests. When screen share is on, your screen will have a green border and the other guests will be able to view your screen. We disable screen sharing when you checkout.   


So the other guests in the Shop Party can view items in my Party Bag?

Yes, everyone in the Shop Party will be able to view the other guests’ party bags, but they won't be able to see the sizes or prices of items.


Do I need to register for an account in Verishop to participate in a Shop Party? 

Yes, you will need to sign up for an account in the Verishop app in order to join a Shop Party. 


Is Shop Party available on the Verishop website?

No, Shop Party is currently available on the Verishop app in iOS only. Be sure to download the app in the App Store and create an account in order to join.



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